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Wooden Fencing Puppets

Wooden Fencing Puppets

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Unleash epic battles and laughter with our Wooden Battle Fencing Puppets - Grab yours now and conquer fun like never before!

🤹‍♂️ Playful Design: Balloon heads add a whimsical touch to your battles, making every clash a hilarious spectacle.

🛡️ Durable Craftsmanship: Built to withstand epic duels, our puppets are crafted with top-notch materials for long-lasting fun.

ğŸŽˆ Balloon Bursting Action: Amp up the excitement as balloons burst with every hit, adding a dynamic twist to your battles.

🚀 Quick Setup: Snap, inflate, and let the battles begin - hassle-free and ready for action in minutes!


"Absolutely hilarious and so much fun! These puppets bring out the inner warrior in everyone!"

Emily, NY

Turn playtime into an unforgettable adventure with our Wooden Battle Fencing Puppets.

Experience laughter-filled battles with friends, combining the joy of play with the thrill of competition.

Our puppets' durable design ensures they can withstand intense battles, providing endless entertainment for all.

Bring a new level of excitement to your gatherings as the balloon heads burst, adding unpredictability to each clash.

Act fast and save 50% today to embark on an epic journey of fun with Wooden Battle Fencing Puppets.

Elevate Playtime with Dynamic Battles.

Make every play session unforgettable by introducing the dynamic and entertaining element of Wooden Battle Fencing Puppets.

Laugh, Battle, Repeat!

Transform ordinary playdates into extraordinary moments filled with laughter and friendly competition.

30 Day Guarantee


  1. How do I inflate the balloon heads?
  2. Are the puppets safe for indoor use?
  3. What size balloons are recommended for replacement?
  4. Can I purchase additional balloon packs?
  5. How many players can participate in a battle?
  6. What is the process for returning a product under the 30-day guarantee?


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